Being Venice (2012)


by Miro Bilbrough


This podcast is an interview with Miro Bilbrough conducted after a screening of Being Venice (2012) at UNSW Australia for SSSN on 1st September 2015. Lauren Carroll Harris asked Miro about the writing, production and inspiration for the film, before opening the discussion up to the floor.

Miro Bilbrough is a Doctorate of Arts candidate researching the fusion of cine-poetry and feature film narrative at UWS. Her other films include Floodhouse (2004), Bartleby (2001), and Urn (1995). Her poetry has been published in Cordite, Otoliths, Landfall, Sport, Pasture, Starch, Best New Zealand Poems 2010, and in a debut volume Small-Time Spectre (Kilmog Press, Dunedin).

Lauren Carroll Harris is a PhD candidate at UNSW Australia, the author of ‘Not at a Cinema Near You: Australia’s Film Distribution Problem’ (Platform Papers, 2013), and co-editor of Studies in Australasian Cinema 9.1 distribution-themed issue (2015). e: t: @lcarrollharris 

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