Podcasts, Journals and Other Resources

Below is a list of podcasts, journals and other resources centred on film and screen media that we at SSSN think are great, valuable resources for studying and enjoying film and television! The podcasts include interviews with directors, actors, film scholars, and reviews of films and television. The journals are film, television and media academic journals. If you have any recommendations to add to one of the lists, please contact us and let us know.



ACMI, Itunes

The Blank Slate Movie Podcast, Website

Fuds on Film, Itunes

Museum of the Moving Image, Itunes

On the Media, Website

Pop Culture Happy Hour, Website

SCMS Fieldnotes, Website

Slate’s Culture Gabfest, Website

Talking TV with Ryan & Ryan, Website

Film Comment Podcast, Website

The Film Programme, Website

The Vulture Podcast, Website

The Writers Panel with Ben Blacker, Itunes

You Must Remember This, Website


Film Departments in Australia and New Zealand

Industry and other useful websites

For Postgraduate Students

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