President: Melanie Robson

Melanie is a Ph.D. candidate and tutor at UNSW in the School of the Arts & Media. She is a co-founder of SSSN. Her thesis investigates the aesthetic, political and ethical role of the long take in contemporary European cinema.
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Vice President: Adam Daniel

Adam is a film/media Ph.D. at Western Sydney University. He is a member of the Writing and Society Research Centre. His research investigates the modern evolution of the horror film form, with a focus on the intersection of embodied spectatorship, technology and new media, and Deleuzian philosophy. He is also interested in screenwriting practice and theory, and the potential of virtual reality as a location for cinematic works.
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Secretary: Tara McLennan

Tara McLennan recently completed a Ph.D. at the University of Technology Sydney, where she studied the ways smartphone photography mediates personal memory, presence and futurity. She has been tutoring in film studies since 2013 and her academic interests include new media studies, experimental histories, philosophies of photography, autoethnography, and creative research practices with screen based mediums. She is also your stereotypical film buff.
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Treasurer: Luke Robinson

Luke is a Ph.D. candidate and tutor at UNSW in the School of the Arts & Media. He is also a tutor at UTS in Film and Media Studies and is part of the art collaboration Move in Pictures where he creates video and photographic based artworks ( His research interests lie in classical and post-classical film theory, Hollywood paranoia films, faciality, and theories of absence and spectatorship.

University Representative: Kai Ruo Soh

Kai is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Wollongong. Her research explores international collaborations within the Chinese film industry and the reception from digital media audiences. Her research mainly examines user-generated content on social networking sites to understand the reception of international collaborations within the Chinese film industry.                                          t:@KaiRSoh  e: 

Postgraduate Representative: Ben Eldridge

Ben is a postgraduate student in the School of Literature, Art & Media at the University of Sydney.

Undergraduate Representative: Debbie Zhou

Debbie is an incoming 4th year Arts & Business/Law student at UNSW with a major in Film Studies.

Undergraduate Representative: Zach Karpinellison

Zach is completing a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Film Studies at UNSW and working as a projectionist at Golden Age Cinema & Bar. He is the 2017 recipient of the Stephanie and James Donald Prize for Best Performance in Film Studies and the Marie Robertson Prize for the Best Performance in Media, Culture and Technology. In 2016 he was a guest speaker at the Sydney Film Festival on the ‘Refugees on Film – Cinema without Borders’ panel, and is a current member of the festival’s Film Advisory Panel. He has also worked on the 2017 Persian Film Festival supervising marketing and social media. e: 

Founding Members: 

Phoebe Macrossan

Phoebe is a Ph.D. candidate and tutor at UNSW in the School of the Arts & Media. She is a co-founder of SSSN and the Postgraduate Executive Member for the Screen Studies Association of Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand (SSAAANZ). Her research interests are musical film and television, popular music performance, and celebrity studies.
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Jessica Ford

Jessica is a Ph.D.  at UNSW in the School of the Arts & Media and a co-founder of SSSN. She teaches in film, media and gender studies, and has published essays on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Community and Girls. Her research interests lie in contemporary American postnetwork television and television histories, with a focus on gender and feminism.
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