Executive Committee

Melanie Robson

President and SSSN founding member

Melanie holds a Ph.D. in film studies. She is an adjunct lecturer at the School of the Arts & Media at UNSW, and a lecturer at AFTRS. Her research investigates the long take, modernist cinema, horror television, and evolutions of film style across contemporary European and American film. She has been published in Studies in European Cinema and Mise-en-Scene.

Email: m.robson@unsw.edu.au

Twitter: @humiliatdgrape

Adam Daniel

Vice President

Dr Adam Daniel is a member of the Writing and Society Research Centre at Western Sydney University. His research investigates the evolution of horror film, with a focus on the intersection of embodied spectatorship and new media technologies. He has published on film, television and popular culture, and is the Vice-President of the Sydney Screen Studies Network. He is the author of Affective Intensities and Evolving Horror Forms: From Found Footage to Virtual Reality by Edinburgh University Press.  

Email: a.daniel@westernsydney.edu.au

Mahsa Salamati

Secretary and Outreach Officer

Mahsa Salamati completed her PhD in Film Studies at the University of New South Wales. Her research is concerned with the dynamics and politics of transnational film circulation in the Iranian context. Her work focuses on cultural policies, the international film festival circuit and piracy.

Email: m.salamati@unsw.edu.au

Luke Robinson


Luke Robinson is a Ph.D. candidate at the School of the Arts & Media at UNSW and a video artist working with Move in Pictures. Luke’s research interests are classical Hollywood film, issues and theories and politics of visibility and invisibility, aesthetics and politics of fascism and film, approaches to film materiality, and theories of film sound.

Email: luke.robinson1@unsw.edu.au

Website: move-in-pictures.com/luke-robinson

Katherine Zheng

Social Media Marketing

Katherine is a final year Arts & Business/Law student, majoring in Film Studies and Marketing at UNSW. She is interested in the intersections between film and history, and is currently researching the representations of passing in cinema. Formerly an undergraduate representative of SSSN, she is now responsible for spreading the word of SSSN through all our social media channels.

Email: katherinezheng01@gmail.com

Twitter: @kathreine

Gabrielle Lowe

Postgraduate Representative

Gabrielle is currently completing a PhD at the UNSW in the School of Arts and Media. Her thesis looks Virtual Reality’s emergence as a story telling medium. She has previously completed at Masters by research at La Trobe University in the area of Cinema using the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze.

Email: g.lowe@unsw.edu.au

Ashleigh Suoh

Undergraduate Representative

Ashleigh is an undergraduate student at the University of New South Wales, currently studying in a Bachelor of Education and Arts. Her passion for film and screen lies in Japanese animation and film but she is open to all sorts of other film as well. Ashleigh enjoys watching movies with friends on her days off or wandering around with her camera taking photos of anything and everything.

Email: a.suoh@student.unsw.edu.au

Victor Zhou

Undergraduate Representative

Victor Zhou studies Art History and Design Computing at the University of Sydney. He is interested in environmental humanities and photography. 

Email: vzho0323@uni.sydney.edu.au

Twitter: @_victorzhou

Former Executive Committee Members

Founding Members

Phoebe Macrossan (President, 2015-2017), email: phoebe.macrossan@qut.edu.au

Jessica Ford (Secretary, 2015-2017), email: jessica.ford@newcastle.edu.au

Committee Members

Naomi Janes (Undergraduate Representative, 2017)

Ben Eldridge (Postgraduate Representative, 2017-2018)

Tara Mclennan (Secretary, 2018)

Zach Karpinellison (Undergraduate Representative, 2018)

Kai Soh (Postgraduate Representative, 2018; Social Media Marketing, 2019)

Debbie Zhou (Undergraduate Representative, 2018-2019)

Amy Boyle (Secretary, 2019)

Luke Cromer (Postgraduate Representative, 2019)

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