Sydney Screen Studies Network Symposium: Intersections in Film and Media Studies, 2017

The 2017 Symposium was held in the AGSM, UNSW Australia on 8 December 2017.

Fiona Andreallo (USyd) Viewing as Visual Conversation

Klara Karina Aveyard (USyd) Phenomenology, Apparatus Theory and Film Viewing

Kiu-Wai Chu (WSU) From Airpocalypse Under the Dometo The Double Life of Plastic China: Intersecting Film and Media in Chinese Eco-documentaries

Dr Adam Daniel (WSU) “The Stars Turn And A Time Presents Itself”: Twin Peaks: The ReturnAnd Temporal Transmutation

Louise Fanning (WSU) “How Do I Look?” Technology, myth and unconscious bias in the visualization of artificial intelligence in film through an analysis of Joi in Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Julia Featherstone (MU) Interactive Multiscreen Video Art

Dr Jessica Ford (UNSW) Female Authorship on American “Cinematic” Television

Kim Yen Howells Ng (UM) The Underscore as Secondary Narrator: Predicting Who Will Win Game of Thrones

Danica Jenkins (USyd) Post-Yugoslav Cinema as a ‘Trojan Horse’: Themes of ‘Coming to Terms with the Past’ in Srđan Dragojević’s Parada

Tara Lomax (UM) On Being Cinematic in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Considering Medium Specificity in the Era of Transmedia Storytelling and Media Franchising

Dr Janice Loreck (Curtin) “Critical of the Media You Love”: Film, Fandom and the Convergence Era

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