Past Seminars

Here you can find written versions and visual material from the seminars held as part of the SSSN program. The seminars published here are those not available as podcasts. All work is original and copyrighted to the owner. Please enjoy, comment, and share.


Adam Daniel | Don’t Look Behind You: The
Oculus Rift and Virtual Reality Horror |
November 8, 2016

AL6P1670 副本副本.jpg

Xiaoying Yue | The Internationalization Strategies
of Mainland Chinese Film Narration in the 21st
Century: The Flowers Of War(2011) and City of Life
and Death
(2009) | 4th October 2016

Only Lovers Left Alive

Elena Sarno | Vampire Pastimes to Immortality:
Boredom vs. Playfulness in Only Lovers Left
Alive (2013) | August 23, 2016


Klara Bruveris | Sydney Cinephiles?: Sydney
as an UNSECO City of Film and its implications
on identity development | October 13, 2015


Mark Steven | Splatter Capital: American
Fleshfeast | September 15, 2015


Olivia Oliver-Hopkins | Frailty (2001) and
Religion in the U.S. South | August 11, 2015

ADAM-marble hornets banner

Adam Daniel | ‘Always Watching’: The Interface
of Horror and Digital Cinema in Marble Hornets
| June 16, 2015


Rodney Wallis Mandingo Through the Prism
of Contemporary ‘Slave’ Cinema | June 2, 2015

Still from Stainless (Magyar, 2013)

Tara McLennan | Reimagining Instagram
through the Still/Moving Image |
May 19, 2015


Emily Chandler | Representations of Girlhood
in Nickelodeon’s Hey Arnold! | May 5 2015


Melanie Robson Russian Ark screening
and discussion | May 1, 2015


Jessica FordOrange is the New Black
screening and discussion | March 24, 2015


Phoebe Macrossan | Constructing Authenticity
in Glee through Spontaneity and Verisimilitude
| March 10, 2015

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