Dial S for Screen Studies, 2019

The second Dial S for Screen Studies was held at the School of Arts and Media, UNSW Australia on 28-29 November 2019.

The 2019 keynote was Sue Turnbull (UOW) “This is Your Worst Nightmare”: Reimagining Screen Entertainment and the Practice of Audiencing

Stuart Bender (Curtain) Workshop: Combining Screen Theory and Psychophysiological Approaches to Understanding Audience Response

Daniel Binns (RMIT) Time/Code: A Material Approach to Media-making

Max Bledstein (UNSW) Raha’s Revenge: The Final Girl of Fereydoun Jeyrani’s Parkway

Jodi Brooks (UNSW) Critical Remains: The Queer Art of Failure in Lisa Cholodenko’s High Art (1998)

Noel Burgess (WSU and MU) When Everything Can Change – A practice Led Investigation of the Implications of Non-linear Production Technology on Music Composition for Screen Media

Luke Cromer and Luke Robinson (USyd and UNSW) Workshop: Futurity: theories of screen’s future, the future of screen theory and practice

Charles DaCosta (QUT) Workshop: Presently Practising the Past: Deploying [Animation] History for a harmonious theorem-praxis nexus

Charles daCosta (QUT) Blacking our Face: The Problematic Paradox of Absence and Approximation of Blackness in Implementations of Facial Recognition Technology

Adam Daniel (UWS) Cruise as Father and Son

Imran Firdaus (UTS) Gaspar Noé’s Neon-Noir: The Poetics of Transgression

Kathrin Friedrich (UM and UHH) Moving Evil Heroes: Approaching Character Engagement by Considering the Influence of Nonverbals and Aesthetic Choices

Harry Gay (USyd) Hollywood, Time and the Robotic Body: A Close Analysis of Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049

Catherine Gough-Brady (RMIT) The Transgressive Form of the Digital Paper

Rhiannon Hall (UNSW) Vengeance on the New Frontier: Understanding the Western Through Taylor Sheridan’s ‘frontier trilogy’

Essi Haukkamaa-Judge (UOW) Borders in International Feature Film Co-production

Lara Holmes (USyd) Comedic Rage as Feminist Resistance

Alison Horbury (UOM) The Real Gaze of Australian Cinema: A History Told ‘beneath the bar’

Tim Laurie (UTS) Decisions Without Choices: Morality, Materialism and the Event in Films of the Dardenne Brothers

Phoebe Macrossan (QUT) Exploring Celebrity Soundscapes and Voice Acting Through Owen Wilson’s ‘wow’

Cindy E. Magara (USyd and Mak) Representation of Gender Power Relations in Contemporary East African Films

Gabiann Marin (AFTRS, MU and JMC Academy) The Hidden Goddess: Celebration and Erasure of the Goddess in DC’s Cinematic Wonder Woman and Comparative Contemporary Superhero Narratives

Mazda Moradabbasi (UNSW) Adaptation in Iranian New Wave Cinema

Patricia Di Risio (UOM and MON) Punishing Women Horror Directors: The Nightingale (Jennifer Kent 2018)

Michelle Royer and Benjamin Nickl (USyd) “National” Film Festivals in Australia: Understudied but Important Players in Australia’s Multiculture/multilingual Scene

Mahsa Salamati (UNSW) A Transnational Encounter with the Iranian Cinema: Towards Understanding the Festival Experience

Nima Sotoudeh (USyd) Cinema Lives: Film Criticism in the Digital Age

Naomi Telushkin (UNSW) Workshop: No Zombies, No Dragons, No Serial Killers: The Teleplay as Literature and Pedagogies of Contemporary Screenwriting

Lihong Wu (UNSW) Socialist Time and Socialist Cinema in China

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