Queer Identities in Empire (2015-pres.)


by Ava Parsemain

e: l.parsemain@unsw.edu.au

This podcast is of a seminar presented by Ava Parsemain at UNSW Australia for SSSN on 19th April 2016. Ava’s paper is followed by a question and answer section conducted by the audience present on the day. The Q&A in this podcast refers to Empire Season 2 Episode 10, which was screened immediately following Ava’s paper.

Ava Parsemain (UNSW) teaches Media Studies in the School of the Arts and Media. Her doctoral thesis explored the educational dimension of television, using case studies of Australian series to understand how different programmes teach and how viewers learn. She is current working on a research project that investigates how contemporary American television educates about queer identities and related social issues such as discrimination, homophobia and transphobia. Her ongoing research interests include television, informal learning, media literacy, pedagogy, and the relationship between education and entertainment.

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